Cancellation Terms:

The transfer is non refundable if customer decides to cancel. Flightlink reserves the right to charge a customer for the reservation lost in the event of a cancellation by customer as other customers cannot book the reservation. If the customer cannot fly due to medical reasons or if the customer cannot fly due to bereavement in family, customer will need to call Flightlink immediately - In order to receive a refund in these circumstances, customer must provide evidence. 

No show Terms:
Return reservation is purely reserved for the customer only and no other customers will be allowed to book the reservation. Flightlink works exactly the same way as the Airlines and Hotel's do. Airlines or hotels will not refund once booked. By placing a reservation with Flightlink, customer has agreed that in the event of no show on arrival, the fare will not be refunded. 
*NOTE - if you are held up by customs then that is not Flightlinks fault  The maximum we can wait after the flight has landed will be 1 hour and 30 minutes after the flight has landed. Thereafter there will be an extra charge of £10. Each additional hour there will be a £10 per hour charge. 
Incorrect or false information terms:
If returning details are incorrect or if customer arrives on the wrong date supplied to Flightlink, reservation will not be refunded and customer will have to find alternative transport. Flightlink are not responsible if customer has given false information. Flightlink reserves the right to charge for making way to the airport as time and fuel is wasted. Flightlink will not refund return fare if false information is given, such as arrival date, arrival time or incorrect flight number. This is due to other customers not being able to book the reservation slot.
All Calls made and received at Flightlink are recorded and saved, should the customer wish to listen.
Customer will be contacted by text or call by driver stating where to meet on arrival. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they also contact the driver on arrival when they are ready for collection.  
We accept bank transfer or PayPal payment's only and this in non refundable as per terms and conditions above. The reservation is reserved for the customer and will not be refunded unless if Flightlink breach the terms and conditions above or below. Refund will only be issued in the following circumstances:
If Flightlink arrive airport on the WRONG day, refund will be issued if customer has to find alternative transport but NO MORE THAN WHAT HAS ALREADY PAYED TO US. If Flightlink do pickup the customer or has a delay due to unforeseen circumstances such as held up in an accident or any reason beyond Flightlink´s control, refund will NOT be issued.
If Flightlink are not able to pick the customer up due to Flightlink´s Error or negligence such as driver not turning up at all, although this will not happen, the fare payed for that particular date will be refunded.
Refund will be issued for outbound or inbound journey (whichever applicable) if Flightlink fails to turn up due to their negligence, although this will not happen.
Such as family bereavement, accident or injury or being seriously ill at very short notice and this can happen at the last minute. In light of above circumstances we will issue a refund that has been payed to us. Flightlink will not refund the difference other companies charge. 
Customer will only be refunded for that particular fare payed for. Anything higher payed to another company will not be refunded.      
IF YOUR AIRLINE CHANGES YOUR FLIGHT.  If your airline changes your flight then that is beyond our control and the new arrival or departure date is subject to our availablity.  If we are available to make changes, there will not be any additional charges.  If we are not available, £20 charge will be payable to get another taxi company as they charge us more than what you have payed.  BY MAKING A BOOKING WITH US, YOU AGREE WITH THESE TERMS 

By making a reservation with Flightlink, customer has agreed with all the terms and conditions stated above.


The above information does not affect your statutory rights.