Why does Flightlink require payment upfront? Other companies don't ask for this.

There are 3 different types of transportation providers. 

TAXIS AND BLACK CABS - which can be flagged and they usually go around town centre. 

PRIVATE HIRE - they do mixed airport transfers and local runs

AIRPORT TRANSFER SERVICE - They are only licenced to do airport transfers and nothing else.  Most of the time, they do not have livery signs but are fully licenced and insured to carry passengers.

We do airport transfers only and nothing else.  We are only licenced to do airport transfers. Therefore, work is dependent on CONFIRMED AND PAYED RESERVATIONS.  If too many people cancelled on us, we would not have a job to go to.

Before we implemented payment in advance policy, some customers decided to cancel their taxi at very short notice without reason (a number of times, a day before) - this has resulted in other customers like you, unable to book that reservation. This has also resulted in Flightlink losing considerable amount of genuine bookings.

Also to mention customers have previously told us they will not wait for us when they arrive from the airport if there is an accident holding us up. This has again, resulted in Flightlink wasting the journey which was unpaid.

This still happens where customers have given us incorrect arriving details such as date and time. When we proved them wrong and show them a screenshot, they still denied it. This means we have attended the airport without payment and genuine booking lost. 

We believe that ALL companies and people should be treated the same.  Airport transfer companies should not be treated differntly as its unfair.

When booking through budget hotels you pay in advance.

When booking airport parking you pay in advance.

When booking your flights you pay in advance.

When ordering something online you pay in advance.

We believe when making a RESERVATION for airport transfer, payment should made also be in advance to secure the booking.

If we are treated differently to above companies, we are not in a position to take airport transfer bookings from that person as it is totally unfair.

We have been in business since 2008, have had lots of recommendations and have no interest in taking people's money and not providing the service. We have better things to do than taking peoples money.

We are more than happy to provide a receipt to prove that you have payed.


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